Labor of Love MidMichigan has a Tiering Process in order to serve clients. 
Our goal is for NO ONE to go through childbirth and postpartum alone. This is why we were founded. 
If you are a client seeking services, see below our Tiering to see if you might qualify.
Tier 1
  • Those who have NO physical or emotional support (no support person to be with you) 
  • Those who have uncertain support (ie. deployed partner, rocky relationship, partner with a demanding job, and unsure of availability to be in the birthing room with you)
  • Those seeking an adoption - placing your child in the care of someone else.

Tier 2
  • Those that have support, may be limited but still have concerns about pregnancy, labor/delivery, and newborn care. But are unable to hire a doula.

Tier 3
  • Those that have support, would like the benefits of what a doula provides.
    • Additionally, we ask these clients to consider making a donation to Labor of Love MidMichigan to continue to serve other clients. 

*Support from doulas for all three tiers does NOT include any financial support as the program is focused on meeting the physical and emotional needs of our clients.


If space allows for Tier 2 or Tier 3 in our program, we ask that both Tiers be willing to use this experience as a training for new doulas. 
*An experienced doula will always be present with the training doula. 

Call to see if there is space available. 
If there is no space, we offer other doula support referrals in the area.

Who can Labor of Love Doula are NOT able to support?
Do to our insurance/liability we are not able to support home births.  Though we are not oppose to home births we would be happy to give a referral to a doula that can support you through a home birth, we are not able to provide that service. 

Labor of Love MidMichigan does not discriminate the clients that we serve. We serve all pregnant families regardless of age, race, gender, income or disability. We serve clients at all stages of pregnancy.