What is a Doula?

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A Birth Doula recognizes that birth is a key experience
for a mother and her family and understands
there are significant physiological and
emotional needs of a woman preparing for and in labor.
Doulas stay with mothers throughout labor and facilitate 
communication between the laboring woman, 
her partner and her physician.

Doulas also provide:
Assistance in creating and accomplishing birth plans
Emotional support
Physical comfort
Objective viewpoint
Someone to listen
Resources to help mothers achieve their pregnancy and family goals
Local connections
Attending pregnancy related appointments
Tools to create a healthy pregnancy and family
Nutrition Guidance

Doulas are available at anytime during pregnancy. 
Their goal is to create an environment of love and encouragement as they 
walk with mothers through their prenatal period, 
labor and delivery as well as the first six weeks postpartum recovery. 

Doulas can be involved in attending childbirth classes with clients,
sitting in on doctor's appointment, 
assisting in the WIC process and help create healthy 
choices for the birth mother and her family.

On average, Doulas and clients meet weekly or biweekly 
for about an hour (or four hours a month) 
and are available for texts and phone calls throughout the pregnancy.

The primary role of our doulas is to walk the journey of childbirth with those that have 
little to no support, and give them consistent care and love 
through this intimate time that we call childbirth.