About Us

We are a Volunteer Birth and Postpartum Doula Organization

dedicated to serving families in MidMichigan.

Labor of Love Birth Doulas serve mothers that are in need of support,

whom have little or no support

during their pregnancy and the delivery of their baby.

Labor of Love Postpartum Doulas serve the same families in a more intentional postpartum aspect helping adjust to the new parenting challenges with evidence based information and practical tools to help our families who do not have support to become better equipped to care for their new growing family.

We also joyfully partner with birth mothers choosing an adoption plan and walk the

childbirth journey with them as they place the new little person

into the awaiting and loving arms of a new family.

We are a Christian organization, sharing Christ's love with those we serve.

Praying with and for our families and helping guide them through this sometimes tough journey.

Doulas in Labor of Love MidMichigan have a relationship with Jesus and model this way of living through their words and actions.

Our Mission

Showing expectant mothers

the love of Christ by providing

physical and emotional support

through their pregnancy, labor/delivery

and postpartum journey.

Our Vision

Providing birth moms with tools, education

and emotional support for a

healthy family.