I'm Pregnant

What is a Doula?

How will I know if having doula support is for me?

I'm not sure I am ready to be a mom. What are my options?

Someone would love to talk with you about your options, call or text day or night (late night calls may not be returned until the next morning), but we would love to talk with you about the uncertainty you are facing. 


Labor of Love Birth Doulas...

Recognize that birth is a key experience for a mother and her family and understands there are significant physiological and emotional needs of a woman preparing for and in labor.


Doulas stay with mothers throughout labor and birth and facilitate communication between the birthing woman, her physician and when involved, her partner.

What is a Labor of Love Doula?

She is a professional birth and postpartum coach that provides families with emotional support, education, and connections to community resources so they can gain confidence and independence as parents. 

Some examples are attending :

Labor of Love Doulas are NOT medical and therefore do not perform any medical procedures, diagnose problems, or give medical advice.

Labor of Love Doulas work to establish a relationship with their families by going to several appointments prenatally so that when birth comes, the birth mother knows her support well and the doula can advocate, educated and encourage well. *(many hired doulas do not do the extensive prenatal visits as this is an element with LOLMM to allow vulnerable familes to understand and feel the love and support they deserve). 

When can I get connected with a doula?

We recommend reaching out as soon as you find yourself needing additional help. It takes time to build a trusting relationship with your birthing team and we encourage regular schedule times together leading up to the birth so that a positive outcome can be achieved. 

Is there a difference between a birth doula and a postpartum doula?

Yes there is, a birth doula works prenatally and throughout birth with a family followed by a few postpartum visits. A postpartum doula meets a few times prenatally and then focuses her time the 12 weeks after the baby has been born. 

Labor of Love has both types of doulas, * most of the doulas are both and provide seamless support through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. (*At this time our postpartum doulas are only serving clients that have been in the program for birth).

How often will I meet with my doula?

In most situations, a doula and match meet weekly or biweekly. (More details are gone over during the intake process).

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