Get Involved

Many hands make light work

Donate to allow Labor of Love MidMichigan continue to serve more families in MidMichigan.

Maternity Clothes and

Become a Volunteer Doula

Training provided.

No prior experience needed. Just a heart to serve the Lord to those having babies. 

Volunteer for tasks to help enable more work to be accomplished in our community.

Volunteer Time or Needed Items

See List below for opportunities

Want to get involved? 

Donating Time or Gifts?

Labor of Love has volunteer opportunities for:

- Light housekeeping 2 hours 1-2 times per month)

- Clothing Boutique (Sort, wash or hang donated materials)

- Fundraising/Events team (Helping write grants, plan large events, write letters or small event coordinator) 

- Volunteer Babysitter for Doulas when they assist their clients in birth and appointments.

- Editing specialist (view printed materials and edit)

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Doula, please click here for more information.

Want to donate needed items?

- Maternity Clothes

- Nursing Clothes 

- Gift Cards to

*QRP Printing, Staples, Gas Stations, *Amazon

- Tissue Boxes

- Water bottles

- Light pre-packaged snacks

- *Amazon (See Wishlist)

Please call or text to arrange a drop off time.


*None of the listed companies have direct affiliation with LOLMM.

Would you like to directly bless a client?  Make a meal for us to place in the freezer so that the doulas can take it to a client just after she has her baby. Place a personal note with the meal for a little encouragement for a new mama. 

Donations to Labor of Love MidMichigan are tax deductible. If you would like a receipt from Labor of Love for your donation, please send your complete name and address along with your donation.