Making an adoption plan can be a difficult and/or exciting time, either way, we have a Labor of Love Doula that will walk along side you during your pregnancy. The Doula can attend meetings with potential parents, adoption workers and others needed appointments in addition to prenatal appoiontments. Your doula will walk the journey from the moment you contact us through a desired time of postpartum, you are not alone with a Labor of Love Doula. Your Doula will stay with you ALL during labor and delivery as well as be there for you as you carefully place the new baby into the awaiting loving arms of their new parents. 

If you would like a Doula to walk through this time in your life with you, call 989-372-0565 and ask to meet our Adoption Doula and see if she is right for you. There is no fee for meeting or having your Adoption Doula.

If you would like you can also email us at: