Educational Classes

Preparing For Childbirth   *   Parenting Basics   *   Breastfeeding Basics

Childbirth Education

3 Week Course / 3 hr per night


Preparing for Childbirth: 

Pregnancy Changes

Preterm labor 

Glossary and Terms

Stages of Labor

Comfort Measures (hands on)

Pain Medications

Assisted Medical deliveries (Kiwi, Forceps, C/Sections...)


Pushing and Delivery

What happens the first hour after delivery.

Early postpartum from hospital to home, what no one talks about

Parenting Basics

1 Week Class for 3 hours 


Parenting Basics: 

They sent me home with a baby and there was no owner's manual! 

Diapering, bathing, burping, safe sleep, pacifiers, bottles, feeding challenges, emotional challenges, car seat safety, when to introduce foods, sleep sacs, swaddling, newborn appearances; and more. 

Breastfeeding  Basics

1 Week Class for 3 hours 



If breastfeeding is "natural why is it so challenging? 

Positions, latching, breastfeeding challenges, burping, infections, returning to work, bottles, pumping, flanges, storage, medical benefits to mom and baby and more. 

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